De glemte arkitekter

De glemte arkitekter

Podcast series, short documentary and social media content


A podcast series and a documentary containing hitherto untold stories centred on women and collective processes in architecture. We follow in the footsteps of a research team from the University of Copenhagen as they examine Danish welfare architecture as well as the invisible role often played by female architects and their contributions.


By rewriting the history of Danish architecture, we gain a broader and more diverse sense of what architecture is and can be.


Realdania and the University of Copenhagen / Co-produced with Niels Bjørn, Bylyd 

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På sporet af de glemte arkitekter - Short documentary made for Realdania and the research project: Woman in Danish Architecture, at University of Copenhagen

De glemte arkitekter - trailer for the podcast episode: Love

De glemte arkitekter - trailer for the podcast episode: Visions