Connect with your audience on a deeper level

Create an emotional connection

Do you want to reach your audience on a deeper level, create an emotional connection or a better understanding of your content, brand or story? And do you have a real life meeting with your audience at an event, exhibition, conference, education or in a store? Then VR is a brilliant and innovative choice of format.  

Pioneers in VR storytelling

Immersive Stories are pioneers in new ways of storytelling in VR. We produce a range of VR experiences from cinematic 360 VR film to interactive computer-generated 3D environments. We use state-of-the-art equipment and skilled professionals to create the best experience every time.  

Work areas from science to art

We have made VR concepts in the fields of life and natural science, architecture and art, learning and education, music, entertainment and design for public and commercial clients to be published online, in apps or at exhibitions and events.  

I Love to Bike: A biking experience for Designmuseum Denmark, the Danish Embassy in Paris and Copenhagen Municipality 

We manage the process from A to Z

We manage the process from A to Z, from conceptualization to production and publishing. In addition to the VR experience we produce teaser trailers and content capable of use on a variety of social media platforms to promote your content.

What to tell, where and how, it is about impact

Our concern is the impact of the total project across media formats and platforms. We start with the idea or strategy and develop in open dialog with you on what to tell, where and how.

Sustainable productions

We pride ourselves on devising sustainable strategies on how to apply immersive productions into everyday life to reach your target group successfully and leave a long-lasting impact.

We Dare You: An interactive VR-installation made for the Danish Center for Archicture