What can VR do for you? 

Do's and don'ts in VR

Founder of Immersive Stories, Ane Skak, has given several talks in Denmark and internationally on VR, covering subjects such as 'Why VR – do's and don’ts in VR', 'VR Storytelling' and 'How to engage your audience in VR' to 'VR as an integrated journalistic tool' and 'Ethics and Empathy when working with VR'.  

Yes, you can try it

The best way to understand the potential of VR is to try it for yourself. We bring VR devices and customized content to you and your colleagues enabling you to form your own impression of the merging media format.

We also do tailored talks and provide advice on how your institution, organisation or company can benefit from engaging your audience with the immersive formats of VR or podcast.

Talk and debate at the Stand Out Festival, London

International and national talks 

Founder of Immersive Stories, Ane Skak has given talks at: 

  • Medientage München, Germany
  • Stand Out Festival, London, UK
  • Radio Days Europa, Amsterdam
  • Nordvision 360 VR meet up, Stockholm
  • CopenX, Copenhagen
  • Internet Week Denmark, Aarhus
  • Dansk Journalist Forbund, Copenhagen
  • DR, Copenhagen

Hands on

Immersive Stories also offer hands-on intensive workshops on producing podcast and 360 VR video to get you up and running with the equipment, workflows and skills needed for your own inhouse production.

Get insights

You can read, listen or see more here (please note, it is in Danish)

One week workshop on Creative Producing at VIA University, Aarhus

Workshop and teaching

Founder of Immersive Stories, Ane Skak, has taught at: 

  • Danmarks Designskole, KADK
  • Danmarks Medie- og journalisthøjskole
  • The University of Copenhagen, KUA 
  • VIA University College, Multiplatform Storytelling and production
  • DR, Copenhagen