An EU Horizon project


XTREME - "Mixed Reality Environment for Immersive Experience of Art and Culture" is an EU Horizon 2020 project that started in January 2024 and with a duration of 3 years.

XTREME will explore and provide a mixed reality (MR) solution to experience different forms of art.

The project is in close collaboration with 14 different partners and together we will explore different alternatives to the traditional way of accessing music and art experiences.

The project consortium:

- IT University of Copenhagen (ITU), Denmark, project coordinator

- Universiteit Twente (UT), The Netherlands

- University of Limerick (ULIM), Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, Ireland

- Marionette ApS (MA), Denmark

- Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), Italy

- Leibniz Universität Hannover (LUH), Germany

- Finnish National Opera and Ballet (FNOB), Finland

- Munchmuseet (MUNCH), Norway

- Bolt Virtual (BV), Greece

- Immersive Stories (IS), Denmark

- 4DSOUND (4DS), The Netherlands

- Aalto University (AALTO), Finland

- Khora (KH), Denmark

- University of Nottingham (UN), UK


Overall aim for the project:

To create a human-centered and ethically developed digital and industrial Mixed Reality solution with the focus on art and music.

Realistic, immersive experience by literally bringing an event home (or elsewhere) and blending it into the environment via 3D audio-visual modelling.

Utilizing the additional value of Mix Reality by providing additional dimensions to the experience via visualization and auralisation.

Shared experiences with friends and family, using realistic full body avatars, getting the sense of them being there with you.


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EXTREME EU project  - The partners gathered at the first project consortium meeting. Photo credits: ITU